Maine Butterfly Survey

Co-coordinated by Phillip deMaynadier, Ron Butler, and Herb Wilson, the Maine Butterfly Survey was a 10-year citizen science project that officially ended in 2015. Approximately 24,416 butterfly records were tallied by 407 contributors. Project Coordinators are currently collaborating with the Maritime Butterfly Atlas to publish an Atlas of the Butterflies of Maine and the Maritimes, likely in 2020.


Coordinator: deMaynadier, Phillip
Program Started: 2005
Institution Type: Agency
Species Focus: All butterfly species


Protocol Type: Atlas
Data Type(s): Presence only, Abundance
Survey Focus: Adults
Incidental Data Collected: Weather, Habitat notes
Visit Frequency: Seasonal
Taxonomic Standard: Modified Pelham 2013
Taxonomic Notes: Higher classification and scientific nomenclature generally follow that of A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada (Pelham 2017) and An Annotated Checklist of the Moths and Butterflies (Lepidoptera) of Canada and Alaska (Pohl et al. 2018). With few exceptions, common names are consistent with the North American Butterfly Association’s Checklist of North American Butterflies Occurring North of Mexico (NABA 2016).

Program Results


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